Cremo Original Shave Cream, Astonishingly Superior Smooth Shaving Cream Fights Nicks, Cuts And Razor Burn.

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    Made in USA 

    Net Weight: 177 ml 

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    • Superior shaving cream that fights nicks and razor burn, while giving you a close, comfortable shave 

    • Contains unique, impossibly slick molecules, allowing your razor to glide effortlessly over your skin to leave skin feeling smooth 

    • Concentrated formula requires only one almond sized squeeze 

    • Made with the best, natural ingredients including Macadamia Seed Oil, Aloe, Calendula Extract, Lemon Extract, Papaya Extract, and Olive Leaf Extract 

    • 90 Day Supply. Paraben Free. Not tested on animals. 

    Fight the Burn with Cremo Barber Grade Shave Cream 

    Gentlemen, are you tired of the razor burn that comes with shaving? 

    We were too. That’s why we created Cremo Barber Grade Shave Cream. It’s uniquely formulated to give you a close, comfortable shave without the burn, no matter what type of razor you use. How? With its rich, concentrated formula that’s packed with ultra-slick molecules so almost any blade can glide effortlessly over your skin. You get a close, comfortable shave, every time. Fight the burn with Cremo Shave Cream. 

    A close shave with virtually any blade 

    Cremo Barber Grade Shave Cream creates an ultra-slick surface so your blade can glide effortlessly over skin. No matter what kind of blade you use. 

    Fights nicks, razor burn and skin irritation 

    Cremo is an exceptional shave cream. Why? Many shave creams and gels are filled with air. Not exactly the best lubricant. Cremo is concentrated with unique molecules that become impossibly slick when mixed with water. You'll enjoy a clean, comfortable shave and astonishingly smooth skin while fighting nicks, razor burn and irritation. 

    What exactly does Barber Grade mean? 

    Astonishing performance, superior ingredients and dramatic results. Just think about a barbershop and the people who work there. There’s acute attention to detail. There’s pride, professionalism and passion. 

    That’s the feeling we’ve captured in all of our Barber Grade Shave Creams. Shave Creams we’ve created with astonishingly high standards – to meet your standards. Not the easy way. Not the cheapest way. The Cremo way. Because to make you feel your best, we have to be our best. Just like any respectable barbershop. 


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